Friday, April 18, 2014

It's in the mail...

For as long as I can remember I have loved getting mail. I signed up for every free catalog out there. When I'd get free samples it was like Christmas. Not much has changed. I've joined several FREE sample sites, I check in at and often get free samples offered by them. I follow some great facebook pages that post several free deals everyday (Sea of Savings is one)

One site I joined that is FREE is called  , every several days a few products become available. Not everyone has the same samples, they determine them by how you fill out your profile.
Some examples of free items I've gotten this last month or so are: Rachel Ray grain free dog food (the dogs loved it, but I didn't like the way it changed their smell so after buying a few bags I've gone back to Iams. )
Dishwashing detergent tabs, protein bar, Special K protein drink, Gevalia Coffee, BB Cream, Omega 3 pills, etc.

A few of the mailings that I pay for are for beauty bags (Glam bags) etc. Birchbox and Ipsy , I'll include the links if you'd like to check them out. I get points and products for referrals. Each cost $10 per month and can be canceled at anytime. I usually get about 5 products each month, some full size product and some sample size. Birchbox sends one goodie (food, or non make up item like a hair bow for example) Ipsy is all make up, nail poilish,  hair product like hair spray or oil. I enjoy getting both but if I had to say which is better most months I would lean towards Ipsy.  Something I like better about Birch Box is that they send a little card in the box with info about all of the products and what they cost full size and how to apply them. Some of the Ipsy products I have had to go look online to see what they were or how to use them because the sample did not say.

Here are the Products .

Some info about the April Birch Box. There were five items in the box. The Bee Kind lotion smells delicious and feels really good on. Full size cost $15.
The hair product is Oi All in one milk. Full size $28. I had to look at the card to see how to use this. It's a leave in spray that delivers volume,shine and detangling and heat protection. I have not tried it yet.
The perfume is wonderful! One of my favorites. Harvey Prince Yogini, full size $55. I will buy this product but would not have ever known about it without it being in my birchbox probably.
Lip /Cheek cream the Balm How 'Bout them apples? full size $32 . Very pale rose color. Not crazy about it , I prefer my lip color to be in a stick. :) 
To get your very own BirchBox next month please use my referral code

Ipsy Previous Month
Ipsy glam bags often have nail polish. They are full size so you can re-sell them on Ebay if nail polish is not your thing.

PInchme Free Samples

Birch Box Previous Month
I loved getting the Ghiradelli chocolate and the mints last month. The body lotion was fantastic too. My only complaint was no real make up and my perfume sample was broken so no perfume either.

Free Sample

Pinchme Free Samples


The Ipsy Glam Bay for April...also 5 products. I love the Urban Decay eye liner, I've had several samples of the BigSexyHair root pump, they all are great so I'm sure this one will be too.
Elizabeth Mott eye shadow, The dr. brandt® microdermabrasion I used this morning and thought it was very nice. My not so crazy choice was the Mary Kay at Play lip gloss. The color is nude and I didn't see the point. 

Join me on ipsy and subscribe to the Glam Bag! You get 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10. Michelle Phan curates the bags! Check it out here:

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April 9 2014 WOW Another weekly update

I am pretty impressed that I'm updating weekly again. Not that there is a ton to update on but I like looking back week to week to see what has been going on.

The work started on our house this week. Today is the third day. The dogs are about to drive us crazy with all the barking but it will be worth it. The front of the house already looks amazing. I kept thinking I would get pictures so i could do a before and after but of course I didn't, and when i came home Monday it was already too late. FAIL

We started watching Game of Thrones this weekend. We have now watched all three seasons and it's only Wednesday if that tells you anything. Awesome show!! Many late nights because we had to watch just one more. As if we needed one more show to be totally addicted to!

Another week of spring breakers brought on some excitement. Tenants locked out right after we've left the office of course so we had to drive back up. Late night parties with complaints by the neighbors , causing a late night trip to the key to check things out. Everything was under control..over cautious (nosy) neighbors. Fun times. almost tragedy. Vic got back home from the late night trip mentioned above and our baby D.J. (the spoiled rotten favorite miniture dachshund of ours) ran out the door to chase our cat (both solid black) in the dark of the night. After nearly having a heart attack DJ decided he was afraid of something across the street and turned and ran right back into Vic's arms! (thank you Spirit!!!) For the rest of the evening he stayed glued to Vic. Ever since we brought DJ home as a puppy when ever he was scared or hurt he found comfort in Vic's arms. The rest of the time he's 100% mommas boy and can be found in my lap.  

That's about all the fun that's fit to print.
Have a blessed week. 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

April 5 2014 Another week in the life...

Wow...another post and only a week or so has passed. I may  just get this thing down after so many (Don't hold your breath!)

Not a ton  has happened since my last post. I changed my hair color..and I love it! I've worked two Saturdays to monitor all of the spring break crowd coming in. I have to control the keys so tenants that are suppose to check in at 3p.m. don't arrive at 9 a.m. before the condos are even clean or empty of other tenants. Fun times. So far today we've had a toaster not working, ceiling fan not working (they didn't turn it on at the wall) dead bolts that could not be figured out until of course Victor drove up from Venice and then all of sudden it magically works and so times in the property management field.

We got an estimate for some work on our home and hopefully that work will start next week. New soffit and fascia for the house. Hopefully we'll be ready to finalize the sale by the middle of May.  We had not really been telling anyone about this but I see that Vic put it on Facebook today so the secrets out! Is anything really REAL until it's on facebook? lol

I'm getting excited about many fun plans, babies, warm gulf water, visitors and lots of work around the house/yard!

Some pictures since my last post of my, I didn't take many pictures this

New hair color

Cool shirt I got for Vic Go Cowboys! 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 26 2014 Update

I have meant to post before now but Vic was using my lap top while hers was getting fixed. I have my beautiful pink laptop back in my  hands now and will do better to stay caught up!

In my last blog I mentioned the five people I knew having babies. I can now tell you that one is my niece and the other is my nephews girlfriend. One is having a girl and the other a boy! I have only purchased a few things so far but go crazy every time I'm in a store with baby things. It is going to be so wonderful to have a baby around!

Also since the last post , Vic and I went to see Rosie O'Donnell at McCurdys comedy club. I bought the tickets for a Christmas gift but had to spoil the surprise when Vic was about to buy the same tickets not knowing I had gotten them already. The show was  planned for January but Rosie had some tooth problem and had to re-schedule the show for March. The show was hilarious! We had a really good time time and ran into some friends there too.

We've been super busy around the house with some plans on remodeling and stuff. Not ready to share all of those details yet but will soon hopefully with pictures of before and after. I'm looking forward to a new fence so the dogs can spend more time out in the yard without the barking. I think if they don't SEE the neighbors they won't bark at them...right? Let's hope!

Here are some recent photos of my world..
Vic went back to a charcoal grill, yummy surf and turf 

Picture taken at McCurdy's Comedy Club when we went to see Rosie O'Donnell

My sister Steph got me addicted to these! Nerds jelly beans.

Dexter getting some kisses in while we are trying to take a selfie

St Patty's day Selfie 

Getting supplies ready for girls weekend 

Joined so I get free samples. Love it! 

My March Glam Bag from Ipsy, Love it!!
I love it when I go to the mailbox and my #Ipsy glam bag is there! To get yours too

Night out with friends 

Full moon over Venice 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Before/After and weekly update 2/19/2014

I had my hair done today. I covered up the grey and did a few streaks of color. As always Heide did a fantastic job. I love my hair.
I also had a facial and waxed my eye brows...that is the reason they are a bit red and puffy.

Sooooooooooo anyway. We've had a busy week. We know five people expecting babies all around the same time. Some are still a secret so I can't mention any names. So very exciting! I am looking forward to shopping for babies and having babies join our holidays.

Last weekend was Valentines Day. Vic had pink roses (my favorite) sent to me at work and then we met after work for a romantic dinner at the Pavilion was yummy!
House of Cards is back up for season 2 so most of the weekend was watching that.

We have decided we are going to TN for Thanksgiving again this year. Got the cabin booked today. It will be hard since the last time we were there was with my dad but I'm also thinking it will bring me peace being in the mountains again. That cabin was so peaceful the first time and it will be nice to get away and have this new tradition with Victor and Vic.

Tonight I'm  heading back out for a night of Bingo with my friend Lisa. I am actually looking forward to it. If I don't win anything I'd better win the's TIME!

I'll check back in later..Chow!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

February Ipsy Glam Bag and BirchBox

I've been loving my Ipsy Glam bags for a while now . Getting goodies in the mail is so much fun! And a girl can never have too much make up, right?!

This months bag was a big hit..first it is favorite color. To get yours (and to earn me more points) please click here:

And this month I also started getting BirchBox.
It is the same price as Ipsy ($10 per month) but it has a few other can choose a male or female box. The box for men is a bit more expensive. And besides make up you get other things..this month I got tea samples. I love the perfume sample from Juicy's probably my favorite thing. I'll play with the liquid eyeliner by Cynthia Rowley Beauty but I'm just not that steady with liquid liners.
I hope you'll join up and let me know what you think of Ipsy and Birchbox!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2014 The slacker returns

Hello! I just looked to see when my last post was and it was Nov of last year...and not even a real post..a Christmas video thingy I made. What a slacker! I've been thinking about doing more regular posts but we see how well that has worked out.

It's now almost 2 a.m. and I can't fall asleep so instead of fighting it for another few hours I thought I'd try and do something with my time. Like update my blogs!

2013 could not have ended soon enough for me. When I think back over the entire year it wasn't all bad. We had some really good times but losing my dad really took its toll on me last year. I'm still finding it hard to know when the blues are going to hit me like a ton of bricks. Tonight was one of those times. Ugh.

Ok back to catching up. I'll start with Christmas since that was my last post. We had Christmas at my sisters like we do every year. My nieces decided they wanted to have an ugly sweater contest. We had a lot of fun making our sweaters.
It was a good Christmas but different. Different because my dad was gone. Different because before the holidays no one had really been in communication with my younger sister. Different because my nephew didn't come. Different in how we opened our gifts...just different. 

I started working two days a week in our Venice office with my mom, sister and brother in law. I'm really liking the change of pace. I must say I do appreciate our small operation on Siesta Key after a few crazy days in's all good. It's a good way to stay connected to the family. Being out of sight is often out of mind too with our family..or so it seems.  I'm really struggling without my dad and to me it seems like I'm the only one.

On to New Years Eve...Vic and I went to St Petersburg and stayed at the coolest hotel on the beach. We went out to an event for the night called Butchlesque. It is a fashion show of sorts honoring Butch women. Our good friends put it on , this was the third one we've attended and it was the best yet!  It was wonderful seeing so many different women of all ages getting all dressed up for a night of dancing and fun.

January started off with a trip to the emergency room for Vic. Her doctor thought she was having a heart attack so she called the ambulance and I got a phone call to follow her up to Sarasota Memorial. Scary few days but everything checked out. Thank goodness for insurance !
Dexter didn't get through the month without some doctor time either. He went in for a teeth cleaning and came back minus 9 teeth! It was worth it..he can kiss on me all he wants now..what a difference in his breath! He seems to be a happier pup too.

I caught up with my friend Lisa and learned what fun Bingo can be! I can't wait to do it again next week!

February is half way done almost..can't even believe that! We celebrated our 5 year anniversary last weekend by going to the Florida State Fair. It was a lot of fun!

Here is a video I made for our's long but I had to fit five years worth of photos in there! lol
I hope to update a lot more often this year. Thanks for reading and commenting..Love ya!
Happy 5th Anniversary