Thursday, August 28, 2014

A week later...Aug 26

Since last week I..
  • Walked two miles
  • Installed solar lights on our fence (ok I watched Vic do it)
  • hung bamboo blinds on our lanai (again...watched Vic)
  • did a zillion loads of laundry
  • got my hair done
  • posted a few things more on ebay
  • sold a few things on Ebay/Amazon
  • played the lottery twice (didn't win yet but there is always hope)
  • Gained 1 lb. 
  • found a picture of my first foster baby on facebook..he's 10 now and so adorable
  • watched the VMA's and the Emmy's (yay Beyonce and Breaking Bad!)
  • Got a new Ipsy and Birchbox glam bag/box
  • Started catching up daily on my youtube peeps again (Cullen & Katie, Ace & Gina, Benji & Judy )

Just got my seller newsletter for August from Ebay. I'm pretty pleased!




13% of your sold items were purchased from a mobile device.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August in a nutshell

                                              August 2014

New Arrivals!
My great nephew Devon Michael

Our new privacy fence..big hit!

New Slip covers for sofa and loveseat..not a hit
New Shelving for my ebay/Amazon business

Departures L
Robin Williams
                                                                      Lauren Bacall

New Restaurants we tried
Eggstraordinary, in Nokomis

Walts Fish Market (it has been over 20 yrs since I’ve been so It’s considered new lol)

Doctor Visits
All ok with the lady parts!
The littles went back to their first vet Dr. G! All good , they both weigh 12 lbs (Dexter weighs one ounce more than D.J)

We went and saw 100 foot journey. I’d rate it a 3 out of 5.

My nephew Max moved to Colorado to start law school.
We helped our friends Barbie and Susan move across town.

The start of the month we had our second window stop working in the SUV. It is the motor or something that works the electric windows. And now this week our third one is broken! They run about $300-350 a pop! Yikes! L We are at almost 100,000 miles…time for a new car!

Online Business
I’ve sent in five boxes to Amazon since the beginning of the month. I had sort of slacked off on Amazon and focused more on Ebay but I am getting back in the groove now.
This month I’ve sold Shampoo, cupcake liners,toys, dog supplies, juice, games, ties, stuffed animals, clothes and my biggest sale a statue for $209.37! , biggest lesson learned was losing money on the stuffed animal..didn’t charge shipping and didn’t price it high enough to cover my costs.
I set a goal to do 25% more in sales than I did last month, it’s only the 19th today and I’ve already beat that! Go Me!  We are not talking huge money. Last month combined Ebay and Amazon was only a little over $300, this month so far we are at a little over $500! I’m still working full time at our Venice Office and one day a week at our Siesta Key office so I’m pretty impressed that I’ve done this much part time.

I’m walking with some friends after work today. They have just set up a group , walking Tuesdays and Sundays. I’m hoping that I stick with it but I know my track record!   The scale is not moving much. I’m stuck around 210 and really, really, really need to get my butt in gear and eat/exercise like I know I should.

Goals for September
Lose 5 lbs
Increase online sales at least 25% from this month
Get more  organized
List the rest of the ties I have
Send in at least 6 boxes to Amazon
Make more time for friends
Keep Walking! At least once a week

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Just another day...

I keep meaning to get on here and do a little update but google has made it so darn difficult! I changed my email address and it seems everything is attached via the other gmail account. Youtube, Blogger, etc. etc.
But anyway...
I've been trying to get myself more organized. I  bought a great at-a-glance day planner ! (yes another calendar to add to my already over loaded calendar collection/obsession)
I've been setting goals and so far meeting them! (most of them anyway) I'm selling more on ebay and amazon each month. Still not mind blowing figures but enough that keeps me excited. Today I sold a figurine for a few hundred dollars.
Ebay and Amazon had been quiet for a few weeks but it's like someone turned the light on again this past week. I tend to go sourcing and post more after a day of cha-chings on my phone (It's a sound my phone makes when I make a sale on either Ebay or Amazon).

We got our fence installed a week or so's AWESOME! It has made all the difference in the world with the dogs barking. They are much quieter and happier now that they can spend more time running around the yard. Before we'd make them come in as soon as the barking started. I'm sure the neighbors are happier too. :)

A group of my friends have started a walking group (starting Tuesday) I'm pretty excited about it. I've been wanting to ask around to see if anyone wanted to walk or ride bikes with me but I didn't want to really have the commitment incase I didn't feel like it  once the time came. It's so much less stressful when someone else sets it up lol. I hope that I actually show up and do this next week! I need some exercise in the worst way. 

Since my last post I became a great aunt. My sisters son and his girl friend welcomed a little boy Aug. 8. Unfortunately I have not seen the baby and don't know if I will anytime soon. Family drama...I wish you could make young kids understand what is really important in life BEFORE it's too late. 
My other sister has a daughter that is due next will be a totally different story with that little baby...I can't wait to see her! 
Here are some pictures from this month :) A bit of "What Holly Has Seen"...

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Happy July!

Happy July my friends!
It's been a busy summer so far! I have...
1. started selling on Amazon
2. had a girls week at the beach
4. spent the 4th of July at the beach with family
5. celebrated my nieces graduation from nursing school
6. closed on our house
7. started back up on ebay
8. went to the movies (Tammy)
9. celebrated 4 years blogging!

Now I'm just trying to catch my breath and find enough hours in the week to fit in work, shopping, shipping, watching big brother and play time with Vic and the furchildren.

What has your summer looked like?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Girls Weekend 2014

Girls Weekend 2014  CLICK ON LINK FOR VIDEO

The girls weekend with my girlfriends that I've known since grade school was a huge success.  Already looking forward to next year. :)

There is something to be said about old friends. I grew up in a small town in Missouri. The same town that my parents and grandparents grew up in. There is something quite wonderful about life long friends that know you...really know you. These women that I adore so much knew me from girl scouts, from St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, from playing on the DoubleCola softball team, from  first loves, broken hearts, school dances, and all the other memories that come with knowing someone for your whole wide life :)

Not everyone made it this year to Florida but they were there in our hearts. Some will never be with us again but their memories are always part of our conversations and they are loved just the same..never to be forgotten.

I am feeling so blessed to have known these women.

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 
― Maya Angelou

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Weekly Update 4/30/14

It's been a week since I told you all about my obsession with FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). I've purchased more supplies and product. We've rearranged our house so I have a work area (formally known as the dining room) I've shipped out six boxes and now I sit and wait. Nothing has been received by Amazon yet. I wasn't prepared for the long wait from the time you drop off your boxes at UPS and I'm not the most patient person in the world.

The second set of boxes were much easier to pack and ship. I had more of my supplies (boxes, bubble wrap etc.) and had researched the hell out of everything so many times that I actually felt comfortable doing it.  I'm kind of embarrassed about my first shipment now and hope they don't reject some of my stuff . Live and learn.

I got a call today from someone at Amazon congratulating me (Ebay never did anything like that, that's for sure!)

I've set some goals for myself and allotted time each week to shop/pack and ship. I'm trying for approx 30 items every week. Amazon pays every 14 days. My first "pay" period will be on the 9th. I don't expect to break even or anything by then but I am excited to see some sales.

I've spent approx $550 so far in supplies/product/apps/.
My most exciting purchase was a yoga thing that I purchased for $18.97, when I went to check it out on profit bandit it showed sales from $89-130!   I bought two..I'll see how quickly they sell and then maybe run around and see if I can find more all over the county!

Happy Hump Day Y'all! What are you doing to make today fabulous?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Selling Online

For over a week now I've been totally lost in the world of Amazon. It all started with Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy Rainbow Chip Frosting. One of my friends mentioned that she sold it on Amazon and made a lot of money because it's hard to find or discontinued or something. I was impressed but didn't think much of it. A few days went by I think before I reached out to her on facebook and asked "how did you even know it was a hard to find/discontinued item that could bring in $$" .She sent me some links to check out and groups on  FB to join and mentioned FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon). It perked my interest, and then I watched several youtube videos on the subject of FBA Amazon and was blown away. People are making some serious bucks on this. It brought back memories of the early 90's for me when I was selling tons of collectibles on Ebay. It was  a lot of work but I enjoyed the extra money and the ability to do it while also working a full time job.  The downside for me was all the trips to the post office and the follow up on auctions that were won but late in being paid for. 

When I learned the FBA handles all of the shipping and customer interaction I was sold. All I had to do was buy stuff and send it away to Amazon..right? Well's not exactly that easy. If it were everyone would be doing it, Right?   My process so far...I  set up a FBA sellers account on Amazon. Then I put in a few products around my house to see if they were worth selling (most were not). My friends told me to download the app Profit Bandit on my smart phone and head to the stores. The app was $15.  

Saturday morning as soon as the stores opened I headed out to Target and Big Lots. I learned Saturday morning was not the best time to hit Target. They were restocking their shelves so the clearance sections were blocked with workers and pallets and boxes. I managed to try a few items and then ventured over to Big Lots.  Of course I looked for that Rainbow frosting luck. Then I went to the health and beauty isles. There are a lot of items that are not  allowed (Nail Polish, Hair Spray, Etc.) So I wasn't sure yet if I was doing it right but my app helped me at least know if the products I was looking at would show a profit or a loss.   

I then came home and started putting the product into my selling area on Amazon so it could get ready to be shipped. I was so nervous about the entire thing that I watched even more videos and learned that there is so much more that I need to know!! There are stickers and labels that have to be on things (sold as a group, suffocation warning labels, expiration date labels , etc.) and even rules on packing popcorn, shredded paper etc...

I'm still in the way early stages of learning and doing this but I'm super excited about  the possibilities and love the numbers that I am hearing from my friends that are selling on Amazon.   I have now ordered a laser printer and the proper labels and shipping supplies so maybe by the weekend I'll have my first shipment ready to go out!! 

Mostly I'm proud of ME. My normal M.O. would be to just rush thru and not read the rules and then when my shipment was rejected for breaking the rules I'd just quit.  This time I've taken my time, met with my friends that are actually doing this and making money, watched every video i could find on the subject, joined a bunch of facebook groups with other people doing the same thing and asked questions.  :) Go me! 

I look forward to blogging later about this and telling you how I'm doing. Amazon payments go out twice a month I believe , not sure if everyone is the same but my friends get their payments on the 3rd and 17th.   I'll report back on the 3rd and let you know 1. if my shipment went out 2. if I made any sales 3. how far I am from breaking even from my initial investment. 

Don't think that you have to spend a lot of money on product. Books/DVDs/Toys/Games are big sellers and you can find those at Goodwill, garage sales, in your house etc.   

Wish me luck!! If you are a FBA seller let me know how you are doing ! 

How to sell on Amazon